A scholarship has been established in the name of Patrick J. Sullivan at the University of Maine at Augusta. The endowed fund shall be used for scholarship assistance to one student annually (spring term) who is: enrolled in the UMA Jazz and Contemporary Music Program; has completed a minimum of 12 credit hours (total); has a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5; is enrolled in courses during the semester in which the award is received; and has demonstrated financial need. The student shall emulate a positive attitude, determination, imagination and possess a creative spirit.

Patrick was a young man who passed away in April 2005 at the age of 26. He was filled with great ideas and possibilities. He lived life to the fullest and gave 110% to everything he pursued, always with the utmost of drive, desire, and with a smile on his face. His drive made him accomplish much in his young life. One particular instance was in high school physics class, where the assignment was to construct a cardboard boat that had to float. Patrick, of course, was not satisfied with anything ordinary, his boat was not going to just float, it was going to race! He built a 9-foot long structure with a 3" transom to hold a motor. Out on the lake as everyone around him was sinking, Patrick started up the motor and off he went. Although the motor eventually stopped, the boat did not sink and Patrick was rewarded with the highest grade and winning the race. This story is now legendary. There are many more stories of his desire to go beyond the ordinary, of his determination, creativity, and great sense of humor. Maybe you've heard one!

Patrick's love of music started as a young child, first with the guitar, then bass in junior high school. He became an accomplished bass player, playing with local bands such as "MillN.E.M.," "The Sullivan Brothers," and travelling and playing for "The Red Light Revue." In 2001, a freak accident left Patrick unable to play the bass. Through determination and hard work, he started playing drums to the admiration of all around him. Eventually Patrick became a drummer and with his band "Hat Trick" played gigs in the Portland area. During that time he also started making custom drums. His curiosity and willingness to do the necessary research and study allowed him to become quite accomplished at drum building, some with new and innovative ideas. His final drum set was called the "Mean Greenies" known all over the world through a drumbuilders web forum as a really awesome drum kit. It is because of these qualities that we are looking for someone who embodies Patrick's spirit to make sure the music lives on.

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