Meet Christine Ruhl Sullivan

Christine Sullivan has been pursuing art since early childhood and professionaly for over 35 years. Love of the surrounding environment is what motivates her to paint.

First painting in watercolor and other water media she recently has been working in oils, finding it a challenge just waiting for paint to dry. This usually means working on more than one painting at a time. Painting is a challenge, it takes much time and thought and study, but the rewards are very gratifying.

Just walking in her garden at her home in Maine or by the harbors on the coast, through her travels in the south, or to the family home in Michigan, there is no shortage of inspiration.

Always hopeful the future brings time to paint all those images she sees in her mind.


Upcoming Shows

Artwalk Gardiner

August 3

Gallery on the Green

Coastal Fine Art Alliance of Maine
Southwest Harbor
July 28-29

Gallery on the Green

Coastal Fine Arts Alliance of Maine
Southwest Harbor
August 11-12

Village Green

Coastal Fine Art Alliance of Maine
Bar Harbor
September 15-16

Patrick J Sullivan Memorial Scholarship
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